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Printer (personalization) technology change

As part of the development of printer technology, a procurement process was launched in 2018, as a result of which 2 pcs. InkJet printer line installed:

  • In Philippines (October 2019) and

  • In Budapest (January 2020).

  • A second InkJet printer line was put into operation in Budapest (August 2021), so currently 3 pcs. we have a printer queue.

The InkJet color printer queues are shared at the central and back-up sites, so if there is any error (disaster situation) with the print queue at the central site, printing can be performed at the backup site. At the spare part manufacturing site, 1 pc. curved laser printer and 1.pcs. we also have a complex line of envelopes on hand.

2 pcs at the Central site. An InkJet printer queue is available, the printer queue at the Backup site can also be used, but we want to use it only when absolutely necessary so that the loss of the InkJet printer queue at the Central site does not cause disruption to business continuity.

InkJet technology is suitable for placing basic prints (printing in one go) and even printing attachments at the same time as personalization (variable data), so changing basic prints makes it easier and more economical for our Customers, and even any sheet in the shipment (envelope) can contain variable (personalized) ) data .

Machine envelope system technology change

The new equipment, Bluecrest Rival , assembles and envelopes pre-processed forms. The system is suitable for collating a roll-based personalized form plus 3 additional attachments at the same time.

The file and shipment tracking system of the system is suitable (being expanded) for reading back shipments and writing the number of pages in them to a LOG file.

The system (2 production lines) was installed in September 2021 and is in the process of being commissioned. According to our plans, by the end of 2021, it will be put into daily operation.

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