Grants awarded   

Beneficiary's name: DRESCHER Hungarian Direct Mailing Informatics and Printing Limited Liability Company

Project title: Technology development and capacity expansion at DRESCHER Hungarian Direct Mailing Kft.

Amount of contracted support: HUF 171,749,025

Aid intensity or amount: 50%

Content of the project: The aim of the development is to introduce inkjet technology at Drescher Kft., Which is the key to future-oriented production and service. In order to maintain our market position and increase our market share, it is essential to use modern inkjet technology. The basic result of the implementation of the development is more reliable, faster production with shorter deadlines, as well as the spread of the transpromo as an additional business line. The essence of a transpromo is to combine a personalized promotional message with mandatory readable transaction documents, through which an account statement or other customer letter can become an advertising medium. With the introduction of the new business line, our long-term goal is to increase our market share and sales revenue, the reality of which is also supported by market research on the spread of transpromo. With the new service, our goal is to serve our current customer base more widely and to reach new customers.


The following tools were procured under the project:

  • Screen Trupress520 color inkjet printing machine

  • TECNAU unwinding and rewinding package


Project completion date: October 2019.
Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00716


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