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The Business Continuity Plan ( BCP - B usiness C ontinuity P lan in the official English terminology) is the set of activities that are able to provide the conditions and resources required for the minimum required level of service with a sufficiently low level of risk taken. Simply put, BCP deals with availability.

A Disaster Plan ( DRP - D isaster R ecovery P lan in official English terminology) is a series of activities that must be carried out:

  • in disaster preparedness,

  • in the event of a disaster,

  • after the disaster, during the return to the preventive state.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data, the details of the plan are not public , so we present only one concept here. Drescher Kft. Provides its Customers with the details of the Business Continuity Plan , on the basis of which the Customer can decide whether the recommended solution, its security level, is acceptable to it, yes or no.


Locations of Drescher Kft .:

  • Central site (Informatics, production): 1097 Budapest, Gyáli út 31.

  • Spare site - production: 6085 Fülöpszállás, Kinizsi u. Second

  • Backup informatics (mirroring): 1087 Budapest, Asztalos Sándor utca 13.

IT is not a site, just a remote copy for a possible recovery!

(site owned by Magyar Telekom's data park, lessor and operator: Rackforest Kft.), the computer equipment placed in it is the property of Drescher Kft., access to them is allowed only in the presence of the employee of Drecher Kft.

The main activity under the contract takes place at the central site, but during the day-to-day production, the backup sites may also participate in the processes (if necessary due to a lack of capacity).

Drescher Kft. Has established and maintains the same level of security as the information security and quality assurance system audited at the BCP / DRP sites at the central site.

The applied Business Continuity solution provides only reduced capacity at the backup site, if the central site is completely destroyed, the probability and risk of its occurrence must be considered by the Customer.


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