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Drescher Hungary Direct Mailing  Ltd.

It has been producing various account statements, customer documents, advertising forms and DM consignments for its customers since 1 991 . In addition to the maximum traceability of work processes, the creation of the greatest possible data and operational security was a fundamental aspect in the design of our system. In addition, we constantly strive to provide a service that is as complex as possible, as our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers as comprehensively as possible.


  • The main activity of our company is the full-scale " business mailing " (DM).

  • We have a significant in-house IT background to process the underlying data files and to adequately protect this data. We work with software specially developed for this purpose, which is constantly updated or on demand. In connection with this, it is also possible to archive the customer documents printed by us - with online access provided on a personalized interface - and our service offer includes electronic invoicing, which we perform in accordance with the standard in accordance with applicable tax and legal regulations.

  • Through our self-developed environmental and quality management and information security management system , production supervision and control is continuous in our company. Our key customers are dealt with by a separate customer relationship manager in each case, providing information on the current status of the processing.

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