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Drescher Hungary Direct Mailing Ltd.



The main activity of our company is the complete implementation of business mailing (DM) - IN DETAIL

The confidentiality and integrity of the data is ensured by an automatic processing system. The entire lifecycle of files - from receipt to archiving to deletion - is performed by a workflow management, information and monitoring system, DocuFlow , which is Drescher's own development.

Offset Printing Business - DETAILED


We have rotary offset printing machines, which, in addition to roll and sheet- fed unloading, can also work with curved packaging.

Direct Mailing Business - DETAILED


Our direct mailing plant has flatbed and sheetfed industrial laser printers as well as InkJet color printers . These are personalized, all machines are suitable for simplex and duplex mode.

Envelopes are performed with KERN envelope systems.

Auxiliary machines: cutting, block cutting and folding machines).

As a result of our development (with EU support), the Screen Trupress520 color inkjet printing machine was put into operation in Budapest and Fülöpszállás, which also serves as a DRP (background) solution.

IT Business - DETAILED


We can receive and process virtually any incoming data format . Where we do not receive an AFP file, our own software specialists produce the appropriate print image and OMR encoding. In addition to processing the data and displaying the invoice or printout , we also make improvements for most of our clients and offer special IT services, such as the production of an authentic electronic copy (with electronic signature and timestamp ).

Providing storage infrastructure for the retention of duplicates in the Drescher Archive system.

Providing our customers with an electronic invoice presentation solution under their own brand (based on the service provider's own website), as well as other IT solutions related to electronic invoicing.

Equipment - DETAILED

The equipment necessary for the performance of DM production and other related IT tasks is owned by Drescher Magyarországi Direct Mailing Kft . With regard to HW devices, the basic principle for each device group (workstations, servers, network devices, etc.) is to create a homogeneous stock, so the proper availability of HW devices is solved by providing the appropriate backup devices.

For each of the software used in the production, Drescher Magyarországi Direct Mailing Kft. Has the appropriate (typically perpetual and unlimited) license , the continuous tracking of which is ensured by the tracking (support, support) contracts for the individual software.

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