Drescher Magyarországi Direct Mailing Kft. Qualifies as a data controller in its own right and as a data processor for its customers.

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1. / Data controller .

Drescher Kft. Qualifies as a data controller in its own right , this prospectus provides information on the processing of your personal data, as well as information on the related rights, the European Union Regulation (Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, GDPR ) and domestic legislation (the Information Act CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination and freedom of information,, which was amended with effect from 25.08.2018 due to legal harmonization. He is the Customer of Drescher and also the Data Controller .


2. / Data processor .

Drescher Kft. Qualifies as a data processor on the basis of the Data Processing Agreement concluded with its Clients, the Client has the rights and obligations of data controllers.

Both parties shall agree in writing on the quotation, orders and any amendments thereto. Any changes to a particular job will only be accepted upon written notice.

The GTC also includes the BCP / DRP solution of Drescher Kft. , In the chapter " Ensuring Business Continuity ".

Drescher Kft. Strives to establish a long-term, continuous, good working relationship, therefore it tries to serve its customers to the best of its knowledge .

"controller" means the natural or legal person, or any entity without legal personality, which alone or jointly with others determines the purpose for which the data are processed, makes and implements decisions on data processing (including the means used) or enforces them.

data processor : a natural or legal person or an organization without legal personality who carries out the processing of data on the basis of a contract concluded with the data controller, including the conclusion of a contract on the basis of a provision of law.

contributor : The Civil Code. considers as a contributor a person who is used by the Data Processing Contract to perform his or her obligation, in whole or in part, independently or to exercise his or her right. The Data Processor shall be liable for the activities of the Contributor as if they had performed them themselves.


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