Drescher Hungary Direct Mailing Ltd.

Key documents

  • MIR - Quality and Environmental Management Manual (9001, 14001)

  • IBIR - Information Security Management Manual (Article 27001)

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Plan (9001, 27001)

  • Technology Manual (9001)

  • Records of documentation

Procedural instructions

  • Detailed procedures in the Basic Documents.

  • Production process of bulk business letters (invoices)

  • Provision of printing, direct mailing and IT services

  • Activity with customer data

  • Incident management and LOG monitoring procedures


  • Computer regulations

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Material handling regulations

  • Complaint, defective product handling policy

  • Data Management and Data Processing Regulations

  • Privacy Policy

  • Supplier expectations

  • Fire Safety Regulations

Other documents

  • Forms, receipt album

  • Safety data sheets

  • Drescher organization chart

  • Internal Audit Questionnaire

  • Drescher manufacturing process (RACE)

  • MSZ ISO Certificates

  • Management transitions, task, and schedule

Based on the classification of the Documentation:

  • Publicly available,

  • You can find out at the Drescher site

  • It is non-public and contains business secrets.

Drescher Kft. Provides its contractual Customers with the opportunity to get to know in detail the elements of the MSZ ISO documentation that receive the "Publicly Available" classification.

Contact should be requested from our Customer Relations Officer, who will send you a password to access the documentation repository.


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