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Drescher Hungary Direct Mailing Kft.
General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Last modification: 30.09.2022.

The General Terms and Conditions of Drescher Kft. are valid from the date of issue/amendment and apply to all contracts between the Customer and Drescher Kft. from this date, and in the case of existing contracts, these GTC5. published in chapter ""Ensuring business continuity".

Drescher Kft. strives to establish a long-term, continuous, good working relationship, therefore it tries to serve its customers to the best of its ability.

Vis Maior

Force majeure is any extraordinary event beyond the control of the Parties that occurs after the conclusion of the contract and makes its performance impossible, which the Parties could not have foreseen or avoided.Such events can be in particular: state of emergency, strike, war, riot, terrorist acts, natural disasters (flood, fire, earthquake, storm), epidemic, quarantine restrictions, specific state measures: import-export bans, currency restrictions, embargo, boycott; serious malfunctions, as well as radical market changes that make performance in accordance with the contract impossible (such as a drastic price explosion, runaway inflation, an extraordinary weakening of the currency of payment), unless the latter occurred on the part of the breaching party for reasons attributable to him,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ as well as a change in legislation that creates a situation for the Customer that makes termination of the contract inevitable

Information about the situation in the Paper Supply Chain

Since the fall of 2021, we have continuously experienced the crisis situation in the paper supply chain. The procurement of raw materials for various papers and its cost have become a daily, variable factor, and not only the cost increases drastically, but based on the signal, the security of the paper supply may be at risk.

We hereby officially inform you that the current increase in fuel and energy costs across Europe is causing further price increases in industrial production. There was a pulp shortage in the paper industry and production capacities were shut down. The printing sector makes the supply of paper and other raw materials more expensive and uncertain.

As a result of the current changes and the increase in the price of pulp, the largest European paper supplier companies have started to unilaterally modify their delivery deadlines and delivery conditions. Quantitative quotas are used to regulate the amount of paper raw materials that can be ordered by printing houses, and a drastic price increase is introduced, which is also enforced in the case of items already agreed upon and ordered by printing houses.

Thanks to the successful negotiations with our paper supplier partners and the reservation of additional paper quotas, we can state that, in order to maintain the appropriate level of customer service and production, our company is still able to provide the paper raw materials necessary for the production and sending of invoices and customer letters. However, the suppliers can deliver the committed quotas at variable prices (this means a continuous increase).

We would like to inform you that we are forced to increase our service prices from July 1, 2022, and that paper and envelope prices, according to the current offer or contract, will be enforced by max. With 2-month price maintenance.


Maintaining contact between the Customer and Drescher Kft., informing them of the data management involved

Drescher Kft. strives to establish a long-term, continuous, good working relationship, therefore it tries to serve the Customer to the best of its ability.

Both parties agree in writing regarding the quotation, orders and their possible modifications, as well as the login IDs required for the data connection.

Data management, Data processing

Drescher Kft. provides Data Processing services to its Customers on behalf of the Customer, and the Customers provide the data for data processing by handing over data files.

User of the services of Drescher KftCustomer for Data Controllers,theDrescher Kft. as Data Processormust be considered.

If, on behalf of the Data Controller, the Data Processor can perform direct data management during its service (e-invoice is a typical service), this must be addressed separately in the "Data Processor Agreement". In such casethe Data Controller is obliged to inform his own client of this fact,to involve a Data Processor in the data management, and also to obtain the express consent of the Data Controller's client for such data management.


Data protection, data security, data retention

Drescher Kft.'s activities are regulated by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (April 27, 2016)in the regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free flow of such data, as well as the repeal of Regulation 95/46/EC andin the current domestic legislation(in particular: Act CXII of 2011 on the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information,, thus in particular Article 28 (3) of the GDPRperforms accordingly.The Contracting Parties declare that if Drescher Kft. processes personal data during the fulfillment of the contract, the Parties will enter into a separate "Data Processing Agreement".

Drescher Kft. ensures that all its Customers can familiarize themselves with the "Information on Data Management and Data Processing” and the “Data Management and Data Processing Regulations” through.

Price offer

Both parties enter into a written agreement with regard to quotations, orders and their possible modifications.

In a given jobwe only accept any changes based on the written notification of the contact person.This can be a fax, e-mail message, telegram, letter, written document delivered by courier.

Service performance

Drescher the case of the Customer's written request at the time of the order, also in its own area and at its subcontractorsprovides mid-production viewing and control.

It is done by receiving any document issued by Drescher Kft. related to the fulfillment of the order (delivery note, proof of fulfillment, invoice, etc.). It is considered receipt if the invoice is not objected to within 24 hours of receipt.

The delivery deadline is counted from the day of receipt of the order, if the Customer has delivered the materials required for printing in the appropriate form, quality and completeness. The process is interrupted for the time of checking and acceptance of the sent proofs and corrections, and then starts again after the acceptance of the written confirmation.

Any claim for compensation may not exceed the amount of the quotation/invoice,



A condition for the validity of the complaint, to be submitted in writing by the Customer with all relevant data indicated.

Complaintsubstantive investigationin the case of impersonation based on files provided by the Customer, only aIt is possible within the data retention period specified by the customer (Preservation Statement)..

Ensuring business continuity

Drescher Kft. follows the philosophy according to which it provides its services in accordance with the provisions of "Continuity of Business". In the event that there is an obstacle to ensuring the continuity of the service "Disaster plan” ensures business continuity.

Drescher Magyarországi DM Kft maintains a written instruction plan, which contains all the information to reduce the effects of a possible disaster and to quickly restore business-critical services.

A condition for the completion of own audits requested by customers

Our obligation in the contracts concluded with our customers, according to which we must provide the following:

"With at least 10 (ten) working days prior notice, the Data Controller has the right to appoint a third-party independent auditor (hereinafter: Auditor) to examine the technical security and organizational security measures related to the Personal Data processed by the Data Processor in accordance with the Service Agreement during the normal working hours of the Data Processor and the Data Processing Systems, as well as check them."

will be provided as follows in the future:

Drescher Kft. operates a quality management system certified in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015, an environment-oriented management system certified in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015, and an information security management system certified in accordance with MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2014, which are maintained during the performance of the contract maintains certified systems.

In the event that the Customer is not satisfied with the certification of MSZ ISO conformity certificates (document)and insists on the repeated examination by "a third-party independent auditor", of course Drescher Kft. will continue to give the Customer the opportunity to do this, but in the course of doing this, Drescher Kft. will transfer the expenses of the working time spent on this to the Customer, in accordance with the time required. Reason for passing on the costs:

  • Conformity to MSZ ISO certification, maintaining the necessary documentation, preparation for external auditors, and conducting the independent audit itself also cause significant costs. Since the independent auditing companies certify the compliance of the audits with the requirements of the MSZ ISO standards, Drescher Kft. no longer wishes to take on the time spent on re-auditing the Customer.

Drescher Kft. invoices the Customer for the time actually used during the repeated audit as an hourly rate as a program development fee according to the service contract that is valid at all times.

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