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ISO-DOC Table of Contents

Based on the classification of the Documentation:

  • It is publicly available to anyone,

  • It can be known directly by customers,

  • It can be seen at the Drescher site,

  • It is not public, it contains business secrets.

Drescher Kft. provides an opportunity for its contractual customers, so that they can get to know the elements of the MSZ ISO documentation in detail based on the above.

The directly accessible sub-documents are   in the table PDF They can be opened by clicking on  .

The complete TABLE OF CONTENTS of the ISO Documentation is available by pressing the LINK button below.

Drescher Hungary Direct Mailing Ltd.

ISO Compliance User Audit

Drescher Kft. operates a quality management system certified according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015, an environment-oriented management system certified according to MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015, and an information security management system certified according to MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2014, which are maintained during the performance of the contract maintains certified systems.Drescher Kft. undertakes to carry out the necessary repeated maintenance/confirmation audits and to send a copy of the certificates to the Customer. It operates compliance with the three standards as an integrated management system.

In the event that the Customer is not satisfied with the MSZ ISO conformity certification (document) and insists on a repeated inspection by "a third-party independent auditor", Drescher Kft. will of course still give the Customer the opportunity to do so,butin the course of doing this, Drescher Kft. will pass on the expenditure of working time spent on this to the Customer, in accordance with the time expenditure required. Reason for passing on the costs:

  • Conformity to MSZ ISO certification, maintaining the necessary documentation, preparation for external auditors, and conducting the independent audit itself also cause significant costs. Since the independent auditing companies certify the compliance of the audits with the requirements of the MSZ ISO standards, Drescher Kft. no longer wishes to take on the time spent on re-auditing the Customer.

Drescher Kft. invoices the Customer for the time actually used during the repeated audit as an hourly rate as a program development fee according to the service contract that is valid at all times.

We provide the Customer with access to the following ISO documents, which help the Customer to decide whether Drescher Kft. really meets the Customer's expectations, even without a repeated on-site inspection:

  • Quality policy and environmental policy;

  • Information security management policy;

  • Quality and Environmental Manual;

  • Information security management manual;

  • Declaration of applicability (MSZ ISO 27001);

  • Ensuring business continuity and Disaster plan;

  • Legal compliance, list of applicable laws;

  • ISO Declaration of Conformity (MSZ ISO 9001, MSZ ISO 14001, MSZ ISO 27001).

The above documents can be found aton Drescher's WEB-ISO page.

We have put together a "ISO Declaration of Conformity”, in which we have included the most frequently asked audit questions by our customers and the answers that can be given to them, this declaration covers compliance with the MSZ ISO 9001, MSZ ISO 14001, MSZ ISO 27001 standards.CCXXXVII of 2013 was included in the declaration. also questions regarding compliance with the requirements for "outsourced activity" regulated in Act (Htp.).

With the above method, we would like to avoid constant, repeated audits by our customers, and extra time spent on answering question packages (250-300 question packages per customer). If the questions included in the "ISO Declaration of Conformity" compiled by us do not give sufficient/compliance answers to all the questions to be asked by the Customer, we will of course continue to provide the answers to the missing questions or allow a personal inspection.

The language of Drescher's ISO-related communication (question/answer) is Hungarian.

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